On April 07, 2021, the Village of Radium Hot Springs officially unveiled a prominent piece of art, intended to create a memorable entryway to the town.  The sculpture is named Bighorns, and is in the centre of Radium’s recently completed traffic circle.  It is a striking welcome for visitors to Radium Hot Springs and the entire Columbia Valley.

At a breathtaking 20 feet tall, 40 feet wide, and 20 feet deep, the COR10 weathering steel is three dimensional and designed to be visible from all entryways to Radium. With lighting as a key component for prominence, the art will leave a lasting impression on residents and visitors alike.

Bighorns was a collaboration between three brothers: Adam, Christopher, and Joshua Meikle whose unique talents, backgrounds, and businesses merge perfectly to produce large-scale, beautiful public art.

Idea 64 Projects is a family welding shop based in Salmon Arm, BC, owned by Chris and Jeanette Meikle. They have been involved in steel and aluminum fabrication and manufacturing since 2004. Meikle Studios is a social art house in Salmon Arm, BC owned by Adam and Jenna Meikle, where they teach and create art every day.

Bighorns Sculpture | Radium Hot Springs

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