Above: Sample professional real estate photographs by Chris Conway Photography.  (May 2019)
This luxury property is located at Panorama Mountain Resort and is listed with Panorama Real Estate

Real Estate Photography Does NOT Sell Real Estate.

Realtors Sell Real Estate!

  Professional Photographs Help Realtors Market Real Estate! 

Why Do Realtors Need Professional Real Estate Photography:

  • It professionally showcases your client's property
  • It makes your phone ring with buyer calls
  • It fills your email inbox with buyer inquiries
  • It drives activity and engagement on your social media
  • It sets you apart from other Realtors in your market
  • It generates leads.......that you convert into sales
  • It stands out as a feature benefit in your listing presentations and helps you list more properties
To be consistently successful in real estate and to survive through the market ups and downs you need to be in the top 20% of your local market.  Even that isn’t enough, you really need to be in the top 10%.   You need to be different to stand out and one of the best ways to be different is to invest in professional real estate photography for your listings.

Key Features of my real estate photography service:

  • As a former real estate agent & broker I have photographed many properties and I know how to use photography to showcase a property.
  • I provide interior and exterior HDR photography designed to capture the feel as well as the features of the property.
  • Regular (flat) images and/or immersive 360 panorama images available
  • 360 interactive virtual-reality walk-through online tour available with information and multi-media "hotspots"
  • All photographs are hand-edited using trained post-processing techniques and specialized software to ensure the photograph's contrast, detail, colour saturation and brightness are maximized.
  • All regular photographs are taken using a wide-angle lens in landscape mode and careful camera placement to best portray the depth and dimensions of a room or space.
  • I understand that the photographs represent not only the property but also the Realtor's reputation and professionalism in the marketplace.
  • I commit to personalized, friendly and respectful customer service to the Realtor and to his/her client.
  • I work together with the Realtor and, if applicable, his/her team to schedule the photography session(s) at a mutually convenient time.
  • You receive a written non-transferable licence for use of the images.
  • 48-hour turnaround on regular (flat) images. You will receive a Dropbox link to download the images within 48 hours from photoshoot completion.
  • Optional logo or text placed on images included in price.

360 Virtual Tour Example:

360 Virtual Tour – Bare Land Property: