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Professional Real Estate Photographs  Showcase Your Property And Help It To Stand Out In The Market.

Smartphones are great but they don’t cut it for real estate photography, even though many sellers try and even some Realtors.  If you have a beautiful residential listing and try to market it using a cheap camera and inadequate post-processing then it can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in the final sale price.

I am a former real estate agent and broker with over 8 years of experience listing, marketing and selling residential and commercial real estate.  The very first thing to understand is that except in very rare occasions even professional photography will not actually sell the property. That is up to you! What professional photography does do however is market the property. Marketing is about catching a potential buyer’s eye, creating interest and excitement and a desire to come and view the property.  Once they are in the door, that’s when the sales process really starts!  At that point it is over to you, the Realtor or private seller.

There is a simple truth in real estate marketing and this is where your photography investment pays for itself; The more people who come and view the property, the faster it will sell and the higher the selling price will be.  Professional real estate photographs will help the property to stand out on the MLS system and other real estate marketing websites.  Professional photographs will showcase the home and capture the feeling as well as the features of the property.  The “feeling” matters because emotion is the sizzle that sells.  Get the excitement going before a potential buyer even visits the property and you are well on your way to a successful sale.

I provide a professional, experienced and quality-focused real estate photography service throughout the Kootenay Rockies region of British Columbia and the Calgary, Banff & Canmore corridor in Alberta.

Pro Sales Tip

Professional Photography Helps You Close

A good salesperson knows the mantra “ABC – Always Be Closing” but a great salesperson knows what it is they are closing for at each stage of the process.

When the phone rings or an email inquiry comes in from a prospective buyer what you should be closing for is a property viewing and a “meet and greet”.  That’s it!  That’s all!  You have to develop a relationship and start building trust before you can go any further towards the final sale. So close for a viewing and a “meet and greet”.  That’s the objective!

“Buyers don’t care what you know until they know that you care!”

Professional real estate photography helps you close this stage of the process  (applies to private sellers too) by:

  • catching the buyer’s attention and making the property stand out,
  • establishing you as a professional who cares about what you do
  • demonstrating you are a step above the rest of the Realtors in your market and,
  • generating a desire to see the property in-person and meet with you! 

Now ask yourself – is all that worth the investment in some great real estate photography?  The answer is clearly “YES”!