I took a late summer evening drive to Spillimacheen to photograph some of the active weather in the area. The sun was shining in Radium but as I arrived in Spilli a dark ominous active storm cell filled the valley. The wind was blowing hard enough to make the wires sing and small whitecaps were breaking across the wetlands. Raindrops were hitting the lens but not from overhead, they were coming from beyond the far side of the pond. The flanks of the Rockies were barely visible through the mist and rain and the peaks were enveloped in thick storm clouds.

And then it simply dissipated, as I watched, the sky lightened and then broke and the light of the setting sun shone through, heralded by the calls of Canada Geese across the water. Tranquillity once again reigned over the wetlands.


If You Don’t Like The Weather Wait Five Minutes!

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