The Google Knowledge Graph contains information, location map, reviews, and photographs about your business.  It is your comprehensive business listing on Google Search so you need to be sure it is up-to-date and represents your business at its best.

When people search for a business on Google, they may see information about that business in a box that appears to the right of their search results. That box is known as the Google Knowledge Graph or the knowledge panel, and it can help customers discover, learn about and contact your business.

The Knowledge Graph may appear when someone searches for information about your business but it may also appear when someone searches for a keyword topic for which your business offers substantial online content.

For example, the image on the right shows the Google Knowledge Graph that appears next to search listings for “Toby Creek Adventures”.  You can click on the image to see the live example directly on Google. 

In this example, Toby Creek Adventures’ Knowledge Graph also appears next to searches for “Canadian Rockies Snowmobile Tours“,  “Canadian Rockies ATV Tours“, “Panorama Snowmobile Tours“, “Panorama ATV Tours” and other search keywords.  Having your business’s Knowledge Graph appear for keyword searches is ideal because no matter which of your competition show up in the search listings, your business holds a prominent position on the page and is presented by Google as the best information for that search.  This is achieved through Search Engine Optimization, social media activity, having a completed Knowledge Graph profile and other factors.

Click Above Image To View This Live on Google

Your Business Photography On The Google Knowledge Graph

As an indication of the importance Google places on photography, the portal to photographs of your business appear at the top of the Knowledge Graph on the left hand side.  On the right side is a link to Google Maps which shows the location of your business and to the Street View for the location.

By clicking on the “See Photos” thumbnail viewers are offered a selection of photographs many of which may have been posted by customers along with their reviews.  There is a link for photos posted by the business owner and for 360 images.  The 360 images may be viewed full screen are are fully interactive giving the viewer the opportunity to look around from the “center” of the image up, down, left and right.

Click Above Image To View This 360 Image Live on Google

It’s Very Possible Your Next Customer Will Come To You Direct From Your Google Knowledge Graph.  Make Sure You Stand Out!

If you aren’t taking advantage of a branded Knowledge Graph panels for your business,  then you’re missing a huge opportunity. These cards help people searching on Google to engage with your business by grouping nice-to-know information together, such as a basic description, hours, pricing, location, contact information and business photographs.

Not only do these cards contain a great deal of information to searchers, but they can also link directly to your website and social profiles. Depending on the type of business, mobile searchers may even be able to access search boxes and browse products directly through your Knowledge Graph card.

Quality photographs and 360 images are essential to presenting your business to users on Google at the very moment they are searching for your type of business.  Make sure you stand out.

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