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 A floor plan is a scale diagram of one or more rooms and other spaces viewed from above.  A floor plan may be used for planning,  permits, or for simply understanding how a space works and where various rooms or features of a space are situated in relation to each other and helps to determine effective use and arrangement of furnishings.    A floor plan shows room sizes, which way doors swing, and storage space. Viewers gain an appreciation of where windows are and how furniture or fittings may be placed.


LIDAR (laser imaging, detection, and ranging) is a method for determining measurements and ranges by targeting an object or a surface with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver.

The iGUIDE PLANIX system is designed to create virtual tours and floor plans using 360 images and LIDAR space measurements.  For clients who do not require a virtual tour, I provide a reduced-cost service using the iGUIDE system to produce floor plans only.

The iGUIDE camera system accurately measures the distance to walls with a 1 cm degree of uncertainty within a range of 40 meters (130 ft) of distance. iGUIDE uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology with thousands of laser points per second rather than a single laser point, as used by handheld scanners.

Choose between Standard and Premium Floor Plan Options

All iGUIDE  2D floor plans meet ANSI-Z765-2021 standards and are colour-coded and provide laser-accurate room dimensions. Two types of floor plans are available to meet your required level of detail:

Standard Floor Plan

The Standard option provides the information you need to get a full understanding of the floor plan layout and includes window locations, door swings, and room dimensions.

Premium Floor Plan

The Premium option includes everything in the Standard option plus additional location details such as appliances and fixtures.



Above price includes up to 1500 Sq. Ft.
$35 per additional 500 Sq. Ft or part thereof.
Price does not include 5% GST.
A travel fee may apply beyond Columbia Valley.

Floor plans are available for digital delivery in the following file formats:

  • JPG –  a widely used compressed image format for containing digital images. 
  • DXF –  a CAD data file format designed for sharing drawing data universally across CAD applications. 
  • PDF –  document file with universal viewing access.
  • SVG – a scalable vector graphic format.
  • DWG – a proprietary binary file format used for storing 2D and 3D design data and metadata. It is the native format for several CAD packages.  This option provides a fast and cost-effective solution for capturing data and is intended as a head start on architectural and construction floor plans as well as as-built and design drawings.  Please note there is an additional charge for this option (+$0.50 / Sq. Ft.).
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