Professional  Photographs Attract Guests And Drive Bookings For Your Hospitality Establishment.

As a hospitality industry professional, you know that great photos are an essential part of attracting guests to your establishment. You also know that you will only get one opportunity for your hotel, motel or lodge to make a great first impression!  Hospitality hosts invest their heart and soul into their properties and they deserve to have their establishment portrayed in the very best light.

Many travellers do a lot of investigating and pre-planning online well before departure on a trip.  Others possibly do very little planning but will go online via their phones to find accommodation a few days or even a few hours ahead.  Quite possibly someone is browsing options online right now, looking for accommodation tonight in your area.  They may even be parked outside, checking out your rooms and facilities online, before walking in to ask for a room for the night.

The importance of excellent photography for your hotel, motel or lodge cannot be overstated. The photographs prospective guests find on your website or on travel booking sites are used for evaluating and comparing room rates and perceived value and to make a booking decision. 

Photographs of your establishment literally sell room nights and directly impact your occupancy rate in a highly competitive online environment.  To stand out from the competition, superb images are essential.  They are also a sound investment in your operation with a direct impact on your bottom line.

I offer professional photography services for all types of hospitality establishments including hotels, motels and lodges. I provide quality photographs that will not only showcase your establishment but also convey the essence of the facility and what it’s like to stay with you.

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