As a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) seller, your goal is to sell your home yourself and save on some or all of the commissions normally charged by a Realtor.  It’s important to remember that you are competing for buyers in the real estate market and that you are competing with the marketing professionals in the industry. 

The reason many FSBO sellers fail to achieve their goal is because they don’t compete sufficiently in the market.  To be successful you need to adopt a strong marketing strategy for your home and make sure it stands out and attracts buyer attention.  The more buyers you attract the greater the chance of selling your home.

Think About What Buyers Want To See
When potential buyers are browsing available listings they are creating a short list of the properties that they want to investigate further and visit for a viewing.  If your property does not make that list then you have lost that buyer.   When you put your home on the market, you’re competing against many other properties to attract buyer attention. If those competing properties feature professional photographs and yours does not you are already at a disadvantage and may have trouble getting potential buyers in the door. Your home can end up sitting on the market for a long time and eventually you will call a Realtor to list it.

You Have To Spend Some Money To Make Some Money

Professional photography is an investment that will help you to sell your home yourself and achieve your goal of saving the commissions.  It’s well worth the investment to help make that happen.  By choosing to sell your home yourself you have taken on the marketing job.  Do it well and you will get the results you hope for.

Pro Tip:  Resist listing your home on FSBO buy/sell websites until you have professional photographs ready to go.

First impressions matter.  Buyers want to see photographs.  You only have a few seconds to catch potential buyers’ attention.  Stop them from scrolling by with eye-catching professional photographs.  If they do an Internet search and your home is listed with poor or no photographs, they will most likely move on to listings with photos, and won’t come back to yours.  If your home stands out they will favourite or bookmark it and come back for a second look to schedule a viewing.