St. Hilda's School 1945-49

Art was a passion from very early days, but it was only when I went to boarding school that I received instruction and dedicated time to spend on learning to use water colours     It wasn’t that my art teacher was really good!   ——— nor was I !!    She had a habit of adding her painting as she went round the class !!  

As a new girl of 13 years of age, the first term at school was pretty scary.  There was a lot to learn besides formal lessons, however, the second term was easier. It was an excellent school in a fantastic setting and I ultimately became sports captain and head girl.

The school had a tradition of entering paintings and drawings  for The Royal Drawing Society’s assessment each term and I am proud to have gained their certificates for several entries.      Some of those entries are shown here.  We chose our own subjects, which are much different from those of the present day.!        I am however talking of the years  1945 – 1949. —-75 years ago at the end of WW2. 

From Left To Right above (please click on painting for larger version):

TWO MODELS:  Three quarter length, full skirts  were the style after the restrictions imposed during WW2

 THE LADY OF SHALLOT: Sits in front of her mirror admiring herself!    

AT THE RACES:  Just another subject done at school as were the others in this group. 

THE SPANISH LADY: Flounced skirt were irresistible      


COPELAND ISLAND LIGHTHOUSE:      This painting is of the Copeland Island Lighthouse which I saw on a few occasions while on holiday at Donaghadee, in the North of Ireland in 1948 I think!  I was out there because I went out with the men who go lobster fishing at dawn.  The lighthouse and the surrounding sea inspired my first ever sea painting.      I love the sea, any body of water attracts me, the sea ,lochs and rivers.

Parisian Collection of Life Drawings 1952

Pencil on Paper (1952)

I spent about 14 months in Paris as an ‘au pair’ where I studied Life Drawing.   I loved Paris and met lots of interesting people from all over the world.      I have posted above a few examples of the life drawings I did there.

This is a photograph of me on my way to art school in Paris.  It was taken bu a street photographer.

Awaiting Her Master's Return

Pencil on Paper (1956)

I did this drawing when I was stationed, as a WRNS* Officer, at HMS Daedalus which was the headquarters of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm.  The dog’s name is ‘Cindy’ and she belonged to one of the naval officers at the air station.

*WRNS – Women’s Royal Naval Service

Waitati Inlet

Oil on Paper (1967?)


Dart Valley and Cosmos Peaks

Acrylic on Canvas Board (1968)


Port Hills, Christchurch

Oil on Canvas Board (1969)


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